The Khoja Nakhshron Mausoleum (eleventh to twelfth century)



Gissar valley. Zoroastrian utensils, VI-VII cc.

The sixteenth- to seventeenth-century architectural complex

The Gissar fortress and madrasah

The Makhdumi Azam mausoleum and the Sangin mosque (sixteenth century)

Gissar fortress



The town (third century BCE (the Greco-Bactrian period)); the caravansarai and textile products

A relief of the Greek God Adonis, and an earring in the form of the Sphinx evidence of Eastern Hellenism

The mosque of Mawlana Yaqub Charkhi, a fifteenth-century scholar and theologian mentioned with honour in the fifteenth century Book of Babur

Garm - Tavildara

The Hazrat Burkh Mausoleum
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