Kurbanshand. Reconstruction 

of the failed building Hulbuk. XI c.

The town of Hulbuk, capital of the Khutal government (ninth to eleventh century). The castles and dwellings were as good as caliphs palaces in the Arab world both in decor and comfort.

The Amir Sayed Hamadoni Mausoleum (fifteenth century) in Kulob

The temple monastery complex at Ajina- Tepa (seventh to eighth centuries).

A fourteen-metre high statue of Buddha in Nirvana


The ancient town of Kalai Mir; the Amu Darya treasure, consisting of 200 gold pieces and dating back to the sixth to third century BCE. This was bought by Bukhoro merchants in 1877 and sold to Rawalpindi. In 1897, Sir August Frank gave it as a gift to the British Museum.


Buddha in Nirvana

The Khoja Mashhad Mausoleum (ninth century CE)

The temple of Takhti Sangin (ninth century BCE). A sculptural relief of Alexander the Great; musical instruments

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